About Me

This is what I do.

You know how a 12 year-old girl can be boy crazy? I’m like that about computers, enchanted yet clueless. Every YouTube video dazzles me. Web Designer titans are my heroes. An all time favorite is Lance Arthur at LanceArthur.com for his innovation with graphics and color.

This is the place to appropriately insert a piece of the “Geek Code” Geek Code if I wanted to show off. Inserting the link indicating I know about the Geek Code is as much showing off as I care to do.

In other words, I spend a lot of time indoors alone staring at a computer screen. When I’m not doing that I create Mail Art, correspond with people all over the world, and hike trails near my home photographing things that catch my eye.

Public Transportation is something dear to my heart. I ride buses for fun. The movie “Speed” is one of my favorites. Why people feel it’s a status symbol to sit alone in their car driving in heavy traffic from one place to another for hours is beyond me. Riding in a bus with others is fun, often leading to conversations with strangers about news in the area you’re riding through. I’ve learned many things doing this, from streets that are not safe to walk alone to great places to eat, and religious groups that are helping immigrants visit this country to find brides. Astonishing.