I'll Shoot Anything

Most days you’ll see me out taking pictures of something or somebody. Not that I’m good, I’m not. Nor is my camera a SLR super duper art machine. It’s a Canon Power ShotSX200 that I usually keep set on the green arrow labeled “Auto.”

It's simply that the Mendocino Coast, where I live, is such a visually rich area that everywhere you look there is something to share.

Shooting Birds with a Camera

With few activities available to an apartment dweller living in the country, bird watching is a natural. Just looking at them didn't have the challenge I was seeking. Photographing them does. Point a camera at a bird and sure as heck it will fly off before you can focus, much less click.

I caught this darling sitting on a bramble cane. He all but posed for me.

A White-crowned Sparrow...Point Arena, California 2016

Doves or other edible birds are hard to shoot as they are food for people living in the woods. So far I have only captured one sitting high in a tree.

Getting a close-up of a hawk is my goal for the year. There are hawks everywhere in the sky. Just haven't been able to catch one resting.